Xavier's Global Leadership Program (XGLP)

Rationale for the Course

1. Leading global business schools provide a General Management foundation in Accounting, Marketing, Management, Finance, Human Resources and some add a specialization as well.

2. The focus is the individual and the objective often mercenary. The MBA provides a passport for just that. The end justifies the means. Shareholder interests are paramount.

3. Much of the rot that we see in business today stems from this Management education philosophy.

4. There is a crying need for a Management Education that provides an Ethical Framework, Moral Compass, Environmental Concern, Social Conscience, Servant Leadership, particularly Humility, which tempers raw ambition, Outward Focus-Society, Environment, Family, in addition to world class General Management Education.

5. This is the Purpose of Xavier’s Global Leadership Programme-To create a better world because of the presence of our graduates. To develop effective leaders that exude a blend of humility and ambition-humbition., an amalgam of humility and the magis, This is the Jesuit approach to the idea of Leadership and Management.

Program Governance:

Partner Business Schools

XGLP will work in close coordination with Partner Business Schools. Students decide on the partner school and specialization track, at the point of taking admission to XGLP. Student Selection and Admission, will be done jointly, by Partner Business Schools and St Xavier’s. The Admission Process for both, St. Xavier’s and the Partner Business School will be adhered to.

An Agreement will be drawn up with each Partner Business School, detailing the scope and process of Selection, Admission, Credit Sharing and Internship. The credits acquired from GLP will be transferred to the partner schools towards partial fulfilment of their credit requirements for MBA or MS with specializations, based on the Agreement.

The Final Masters degrees will be awarded only by the partner schools.


Global Leadership Program:


 Xavier’s students and alumni, non-Xavier students, and Professionals from India and abroad.



Quizzes, Assignments, Group Discussion (Case-based), End Term. Class Participation Credits will be transferred to the selected Partner Business School.