The main objectives of the course:

USP of the Course:

The excellent Academic Foundation laid at the XGLP, will ensure a valuable head start and entry into the selected courses.

The discount will be proportional to the number of credits transferred. Thus there is a substantial saving for the student.

The student will acquire special skills in areas relating to Culture, Ethics, Values, Leadership, Spirituality and Business. These will help build a valuable, durable and strong Social & Spiritual Quotients (SQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ), in addition to the traditional Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Students will be allowed to participate in the Internship Process of the respective Partner Business School.

High Return on Investment.

Substantial savings in boarding and lodging in Mumbai as opposed to Europe and USA.

Alumni of Xavier's and Partner Business School.

Unique pedagogy, curriculum, non-classroom learning and alumni engagement.